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I wish it were more normalized to...not want to be a leader. Or in charge. In every day life.

Maybe I just want a checklist, that someone else created, of what is expected of me. And maybe it’s what I want, because then there is a firm answer to what “done” means. Rather than constantly thinking and finding that there is more to do.

But no. If you just want to follow instructions...you’re lazy and not trying hard enough.

Which is absolute horseshit.

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When I was applying to colleges, one of the short essays I had to write had the topic “Are you a leader or a follower?” My dad actually got angry and started yelling at me when I didn’t want to write insincere bs about being a leader when that really isn’t who I am. Also, by design leaders need people who will follow them, so why are colleges/jobs/etc. obsessed with everyone being leaders? In my experience that just leads to fighting when two people want to control everything.

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me: *spends 2 hours in character customization* friend: ...are you ever gonna like, get to the game or what me: you mean this isn't it?

made some lgbt eevees to celebrate pride!!

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due to personal reasons i will be murdering griffin mcelroy

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next on my list is clint fucking mcelroy, dont think youre off the hook here bud!

due to personal reasons i will be murdering griffin mcelroy

My mood when people make jokes about messing with the Fair Folk

pls help?

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this is what i was talking about earlier. pls pls help if you can or commission me to put money towards this if you want something in return.

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thank u to those who have been able to help!

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please help, donations have stagnated.

rundown of this situation for those who are unwilling to just, click the link is: my friend and bro peach/jack got hit by a truck a few months ago, thought everything was fine until recently when they started to have massive dissociation and memory problems potentially brought on or exacerbated by the incident. they had to quit their job due to this and were expecting to get on disability but got denied. so. we're looking to get enough money for this month.

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they've dropped the needed money from $650 to $450 because they "don't care about groceries" (which is worrying me but.. can't do much) but they're still a fair bit from the goal. again, any donation amount is helpful. we just don't want peach being homeless again.

Doodle of my Eevee partner from when I was playing Pokémon Let's Go!

Scrabble’s mlep makes me so happy 🍃✨😚

Can you believe this good boy is 10 (TEN !!) years old ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

A day off work means crit and knit. Gotta get this stupid baby blanket done within a month and I'm less than halfway done 🙃

the d&d gods blessed me with amazing rolls last night (this was me rolling with disadvantage)

of course, i died immediately after, but ¯(ツ)/¯ not my fault!

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the gender neutral version of goth gf is partnoir

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Monster shop keeps

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Throwback to when I worked for a Scottish chemistry professor, who labelled his drawers like this:


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There’s a surprising number of books in which a man dresses as a woman in everyday life in M/M western novels (which makes me tired), but I just found one that fucks with that trope in which the character who has both male and female gender presentations is actually bigender and the book is M/NB and totally just dropped money I can’t afford because I was so excited.

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erik you cant just say that and then not share the title of the book

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I didn’t want to share it yet in case it wasn’t good, but the book is The Midnight Twelve by Hairann. If you buy it from NineStar Press’ website before June 8, 2019, you can use the code “Narrative0524” to get it (and any other non-preorder books you purchase) for 40% off. Link to the book on the site.

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I definatley have this book marked for later~ There's no way a queer western is not at least somewhat interesting.

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there are only 3 genders: spoon, fork, and spork

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consider: knife

the camera really doesnt capture just how magnificently ugly this bird is

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just woke up from a dream in which i had a gf and then she died but she was still walking & talking and then we had sex and she got pregnant (dream logic), but she was still dead and i was too timid to ask how that was going to work

also her farm was on fire

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I, for one, hope it works out for you and your new zombie girlfriend.

hi hello have some pictures of my ridiculous gremlin children

first two pics are the big gremlin, he just turned four years old and is a shameless plant muncher. his favorite things to do are sleeping on my bed, chasing moving shadows, eating plants, climbing on my keyboard to headbutt me in the face, and climbing on the counter to try and steal dairy products and chicken legs. has stretched so hard he fell off the bed. a very solid boy with a purr you feel more than hear. an excellent napping buddy.

three and four are little gremlin, who exists less as a cat and more as a constant blur of nonstop movement. she's not quite a year old yet. she physically cannot resist going after moving or fluttering objects and has caught flies in midair, leading to being awarded the name 'bug zapper' for this impressive feat. purrs Very Loudly. will accept bellyrubs and chin scratches. gentle and dainty yet chaotic. investigates objects by application of Paw Smack. gets scared if these things respond wih noise or falling over. if it exists she will climb on it, get into it, or chew on it. a plucky, yet nervous companion.

I would die for them without hesitation.

man, just having someone with you while out and about really does do wonders if you have anxiety

last night i went to a theater performance my sister was in, alone, and i was on the verge of a panic attack all night

and today i went to the zoo with my sister, and when i bought the tickets i didn't stutter or shake at all! my voice was at an appropriate volume, i put my card into the chip reader correctly the first time, and i made eye contact with the lady giving me my tickets without feeling weird or awkward